Stella Light Innovation – Designed to Out Perform

Xinxin Li


Light & Motion has been building high performance, self-contained lighting solutions for rugged environments since 1989. As a pioneer in underwater video and photography lights, we have worked with many leading image makers. Traveling to remote locations, they demand lightweight gear that works no matter what. As workflows have changed, smaller teams have been pushed to accomplish more.  We have adapted our lighting platform to do more as well.

Stella is a lighting platform that can go anywhere.850-0387-A Stella Pro RF 5000_1 (1)

Stella lights are built with integrated batteries – the same high energy density cells used by Tesla cars. These powerful battery operated lights can also be powered off the wall or D-Tap.  We pay close attention to cooling the batteries as well as LEDs for maximum efficiency. Combined with the most efficient LEDs on the market, the overall Stella package is remarkably small and powerful. The Stella Pro 5000 delivers 5000 lumens for 90 minutes with a TLCI (Television Lighting Color Index) of 93 in a wide 120-degree native beam.
Stella 5k Front Explode


The relatively new COB, or “chip on board” array is tuned to deliver a daylight balanced, remarkably smooth even beam. The complete light weighs a mere 1148 grams (2 ½ lbs).

Stella is pushing the industry to adopt Lumens instead of watts for measuring light power. Watts have little to do with light. Lumens, on the other hand, is a measure of the amount of visible light delivered by a product. Better LEDs and better electronic design means more lumens from fewer watts. Stella is designed to deliver more lumens per gram than any light on the market. Why? Less weight, easier to travel, easier to set-up and use.

Finally, as a manufacturer which makes all our products in the US, we carefully control and tune the electronics to ensure the lights deliver consistent lumen output from 5 minutes to 90 minutes. Our electronics carefully monitor the power and continuously adjust the output as the battery voltage drops. We have a complete light test facility with equipment certified by the National Institute of Standards. Set the output and Stella will hold it. Most lights, running on battery power, will fade as the battery voltage fades. Not Stella. We publish the lumen vs time plots for Stella for each of our lights so you don’t have to take our word for it.
Built in California, designed to outperform.