• Urban 500 & Vis Micro Combo
  • Urban 500 & Vis Micro Combo
  • Urban 500 & Vis Micro Combo

Urban 500 & Vis Micro Combo

A best-selling combo kit featuring class-leading safety innovation with proven reliability for daily riders.


500 流明


90 分钟


173 克


270 分钟




1 米

Urban 500 & Vis Micro Combo

The perfect combo kit for maximum visibility in a cost-effective package, the proven Urban 500 and Vis Micro II lights feature all of the safety innovations that set Light & Motion lights apart. Dedicated amber sidelights gives the cyclist high visibility through intersections in conjunction with daytime visible pulse patterns to ensure driver awareness of a cyclist.  Reliable construction exceeds the needs of daily riders as lights are certified to withstand 1 meter drops on concrete and are fully sealed to ensure longterm reliability.  Both lights feature multiple modes to maximize runtime; when it comes time to recharge just plug into a USB port with the supplied Micro USB cable.  Combining the innovative Urban headlight and compact Vis Micro II taillight, this reliable package provides maximum safety innovations riders rely on.


  • 500 Lumen Headlight and 60 Lumen Taillight certified to the FL-1 Standard with premium CREE LEDs
  • Visibility is enhanced with amber side lighting front and rear providing maximum safety through intersections and high-traffic areas
  • Pulsing beam patterns provide effective visibility day and night
  • Multiple power settings conserve runtime for extended rides
  • Secure mounting with durable straps prevents lights from moving when riding on uneven/bumpy terrain
  • Taillight angle can be adjusted for proper placement on steep seat posts and can even be snapped onto a seat bag or backpack
  • Lights certified to withstand 1 meter drops on concrete for durability and fully sealed to withstand riding in adverse conditions
  • Charging is reliable and efficient through with included Micro USB cable


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Urban 500 Onyx

All of the safety features and reliability of the best-selling Urban series in a value-conscious platform.
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Vis Micro II

下一代最畅销的Vis 180微升级与安全脉冲束和令人印象深刻的60流明输出。
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流明 500 (高), 250 (中), 125 (低), 125 (脉冲)
续航时间 90 分钟 (高), 180 分钟 (中), 360 分钟 (低), 720 分钟 (安全脉冲)
原始发光角度 20° (聚光)
充电时间 270 min
防水系数 (FL-1) 67
防水深度 (FL-1) 1 米
耐冲击性 (FL-1) 1 米
产品重量 173 克
产品描述 1.2" x 1.2" x 4"
可匹配接口 Bar, GoPro, Helmet, Seat Post


Is 500 lumens bright enough to see and be seen?

500 lumens is a standard lumen output to not only be seen by other road users; it provides significant light to observe the road in front of you with clarity. Brighter lights offer more field-of-view.

Will the Urban's runtime last for an entire ride?

All Urbans can remain in High mode for 1.5 hours. If you are looking for more lumens over time, it would be suggested to purchase a brighter model. For Example: An Urban 1000 can maintain 500 lumens in its Medium setting for 3 hours!




自行车车灯真的需要防水吗?这是一个我们经常被问到的问题,因为大多数车手倾向于避免潮湿的天气出行。然而巧合的是,无论是高低档各类型的灯,导致自行车灯失灵的首要原因都是水浸。无论骑手在经过的暴风雨中被困住,或者在清晨骑行前发现凝结物堆积,拥有完全防水的灯具对长期的可靠性至关重要。Light & Motion是唯一致力于IP67防水认证产品线的自行车灯品牌。