• Seca 2200d Drone Light
  • Seca 2200d Drone Light
  • Seca 2200d Drone Light
  • Seca 2200d Drone Light
  • Seca 2200d Drone Light

Seca 2200d Drone Light

Inspiring drone pilots to take aerial lighting to the next level, Seca pioneers small-drone capability.


2200 流明


40 分钟


165 分钟



Seca 2200d Drone Light

Seca 2200 Drone brings industry leading illumination to the consumer drone market. Optimized for smaller drones such as the DJI Phantom and even the Inspire, the integrated GoPro interface allows for simple and stable mounting. Custom-engineered optics with 4 Cree LEDs provide a 24-degree beam with a blistering 2200 lumens of regulated output. The remarkable power of the Seca brings a new element of aerial functionality to the consumer drone market.


  • 2200 Lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • 4 LED array using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware
  • Custom engineered optics provide a concentrated 24 degree beam ideal to illuminate subjects from the air
  • Regulated output ensure lumens remain consistent for uniform, professional illumination
  • Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design
  • Waterproof design provides all-weather reliability (submersible up to 1 meter with battery connected)
  • Slim 2 Cell Battery Pack with Strategic Mounting Options to balance the battery/lighthead on the drone
  • GoPro Interface on lighthead itself for a variety of third party mounting options


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GoPro Mount, Seca

Leverage the wide variety of third party GoPro mounts for your bike with this GoPro mount adapter.
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高容量2芯备用锂电池,适用Imjin自行车灯或Seca 2200d无人机灯光。
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智能充电器将充电Light & Motion 2, 3,和6电池包,并具有一个多颜色充电指示灯。
流明 2200 (高), 1100 (中), 550 (低)
续航时间 40 分钟 (高), 80 分钟 (中), 160 分钟 (低)
原始发光角度 25° (聚光)
充电时间 165 min
防水系数 (FL-1) 67
防水深度 (FL-1) 1 米
耐冲击性 (FL-1) 1 米
产品重量 355 克
产品描述 2.4" x 1.6" x 2.2"
可匹配接口 GoPro


Does the Seca Drone come with a battery?

Yes, included is a proprietary two cell battery, However, for the DIY drone pilot, the barrel plug connector can be spliced into a 3rd party battery system, or into the drone main power supply.

Will the additional weight of the Seca Drone Light affect the flight time or maneuverability?

The 2200d is a featherweight 130g and the battery is only 200g. Check your weight capacity of your drone's specifications. Tests have shown that runtime and maneuverability is marginally reduced.

Does the Seca 2200d count as a beacon required by law?

No, this is a spot/flood light, not a navigation light that is required by the FAA.

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