• Solite 250 EX
  • Solite 250 EX
  • Solite 250 EX

Solite 250 EX

One light, infinite possibilities: Solite is a headlamp, flashlight, bike light, helmet light, and free standing light.


250 流明


240 分钟


149 克


450 分钟




1 米

Solite 250 EX

The most innovative and versatile light on the market, designed to function as a headlamp, flashlight, bike light, helmet light and even a free standing light. The Solite 250EX comes fully loaded with the bike mount, headstrap and features a high capacity battery with tremendous run-time: 4 hours on high and up to 150 hours in read/camp mode


  • 250 Lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Patented award winning design pioneers portable lighting versatility
  • Simple mounting system makes it possible to mount to just about any bar, helmet, tent pole, free-standing unit, or just use as a standard headlamp with included headstrap
  • Water resistant design engineered to withstand any foul weather
  • Custom smooth reflector distributes light evenly in a spot ideal as a headlamp, gerneral purpose light, and trail adventures
  • Extended camp mode has an extraordinary 150 hours of runtime
  • Easily recharge through Micro USB through a solar charger, battery pack, computer, etc.


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Solite Head Strap

Replace that muddy, sweat-stained, worn Solite Head Strap before the next epic adventure.
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Solite Bike Mount Kit

Take the innovative Solite and light up the trail.  Bike mount kit includes both a helmet and stem mount.
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流明 250 (高), 125 (中), 50 (低), 50 (脉冲), 7 (延长脉冲), 50 (SOS)
续航时间 240 分钟 (高), 480 分钟 (中), 1800 分钟 (低), 3600 分钟 (脉冲), 9000 分钟 (延长脉冲), 6000 分钟 (SOS)
原始发光角度 20° (聚光)
充电时间 450 min
防水系数 (FL-1) 65
防水深度 (FL-1)
耐冲击性 (FL-1) 1 米
产品重量 149 克
产品描述 3.3" x 0.8" x 1.4"
可匹配接口 Bar, Hand, Head, Helmet