Review: Stella LED Camera Lights – Natural & Easy to Use!

Xinxin Li


I have a Stella Light kit that I assembled to shoot video and photo.  I wanted lights that travel well, are easy to use, small, and powerful. I’m impressed with the solid build quality of these lights.  They also have a nice soft quality to them with no multiple shadows. Best of all, no power cords!

In the video shoot above I used one of the Stella 2000 light as an “on camera” Obie light and it lasted more than half a day and I never had to recharge it.

I had a three light set up using the Stella Pro 5000 bounced into an umbrella to augment natural light in the room. I used a 1000 as a rim light and another 1000 as an eye light, all in a small area with no power cords!  And I didn’t have to worry about popping a circuit breaker in the old house we were shooting in or heat build up in the room.

I shot in the hallway of a house that had most of the hall bathed in natural light.  I was able to use one 1000 light as a frontal light that just filled the actor’s face and gave a nice eye light without looking “lit”.

No more gelling windows!  I can shoot a talking head as close or far from window light as I want and use the 5000 or 1000 to be a fill or a key using natural light in the room.

About the Photographer:

bob-franco-300x163Bob Franco founded Endorphin Productions Inc. over twenty years ago to produce his own and his clients films. His projects as director of photography range from national TV commercials to independent films. His work has been seen on every major national TV network including PBS. Apple used his videos in their demos and singled out Bob’s company, Endorphin Productions,  as an example of quality work in QuickTime movies. He enjoys the mix of technical and creative needs of his projects in both production and post. He’s splits his time working in Northern California’s Monterey Peninsula and Los Angeles.