Light & Motion Sola 15,000 Pro Video Light Underwater Review by Bluewater Photo

Lauren KUPO


The Top Professional Underwater Video Light from Light & Motion Impresses with a Powerful, Wide Beam


If you shoot underwater video, then it’s no secret that you wish you had more light. Whether it be a sunny day or an underwater video light, more light allows videographers to take full advantage of their camera’s sensor to produce the most detailed recording possible. Without a good source of light video can become noisy and in the case of underwater shooting, washed-out and blue or green. Video lights are the best option for underwater videographers that want the most vibrant colors, best contrast, and sharpest details. And if you need the best video lights, than look no further then the Light and Motion Sola 15,000 Pro Video Lights. They are the top, most powerful devices in the Sola lineup and we had the pleasure of taking two of them for test dives in cold, dark waters badly in need of some good lighting. The Sola 15,000s have been updated with a few new features that make them an even more tantalizing light for professional video shooters – especially wide-angle video shooters and those that need a hybrid topside and underwater light.