Becky Kagan Schott Swimming with Sea Lions and Sola’s

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I’ve had the pleasure of using the Sola 8000’s on several different shoots in the Caribbean to the cold waters of British Columbia. For years I’ve been bound by cords and canisters and now with the Sola’s my camera is less cluttered. The lights are compact and travel easily. I am also enjoying the stunning colors of a reef before I shoot using the constant lighting. They put out a great deal of light whether I’m taking stills or video. I just returned from shooting in Belize with 2 sets of the Sola 8000’s that we used in the caves there. The color temperature was beautiful and the ability to dim them down easily is very attractive.  My models could see exactly what they were lighting up and we all enjoyed the dive even more than when I use traditional strobes. I also had to the chance to shoot all week on reefs and in the Great Blue Hole. I gave the lights to my model to use off camera to light up the stalactites. Lighting is everything with underwater imagery and we were able to get some unique shots by using this method with the Sola’s.

renee on whiskey point wall wm sm

In British Columbia I was capturing both stills and video of Stellar Sea Lions. The Sola 8000’s were the perfect choice to travel with because I needed to accomplish both! The sea lions nibble on everything so again having no cords was really beneficial. I also like the ease of charging these lights at the end of the day. There are no batteries to pull out or get lost and they are easier to charge than strobes. The battery indicator on the back of the light is also extremely helpful to know how much time I have at each setting.

becky bite on head steller sea lion trisha wm sm
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I’m looking forward to several upcoming shoots with my Sola 8000’s in the Arctic and Great Lakes Shipwrecks. They ’ve been solid performers and that’s exactly what I look for in equipment when traveling to remote or extreme places.
Becky Kagan Schott is an Emmy Award winning underwater cinematographer, photographer, and technical diver. Her work has taken her all over the globe from filming in caves, deep shipwrecks and the Arctic.
Videos using Sola 8000’s in British Columbia:

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