Timothy Wolfer

Timothy Wolfer is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and owner of Wolfer Productions. He is constantly learning and communicating on topics such as humanitarian aid, international development, and human rights. Wolfer’s Passion for this work began in high school after traveling to New Orleans to film post-Katrina recovery efforts. His passion continued to grow as he established Wolfer Productions and continued producing films in places like Mozambique, South Sudan, and Bangladesh. The January 12, 2010, earthquake outside Porta-au-Prince, Haiti, inspired Wolfer to film the struggles of the local Maison des Enfants de Dieu orphanage. Hitchhiking into Port-au-Prince, and living solely off of what he could carry in his backpack, Wolfer documented the struggle and ultimate evacuation of 130 orphans from Haiti and their eventual resettlement in the United States. The resulting documentary “Adopting Haiti” was released January 2011 on Hulu.com. In addition to experience around disasters, Wolfer has worked with Internally Displaced people and Refugees around the world. In South Sudan, he has produced several films for the UN Migration Agency on the logistics of keeping displaced people alive in the middle of a civil war, in camps as well as remote areas people are fleeing the war. These experiences have allowed him to follow people as they migrate by foot with everything they have to find a safer location so they can survive a civil war. In 2017 one of the largest refugee crisis in modern history developed as the country of Myanmar committed a genocide against the Rohingya people. Wolfer spent seven weeks filming as people ran across the border with nothing but the clothes on their backs and then worked to survive depending on aid. Wolfer has built his company around producing films in complicated locations both logistically and politically. Examples would be working in remote areas of South Sudan without power for two weeks, or Cuba as diplomatic relations eased, filming some of the first humanitarian projects and even Fidel Castros’ public funeral. Wolfer did his film training at Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley and interned for Francis Ford Coppola’s company, American Zoetrope.