Shawn Miller


Okinawa Nature Photography

Wildlife photographer and naturalist Shawn Miller specializes in capturing the flora and fauna of Okinawa, Japan. Equally, at home on land and underwater, Shawn has documented rare and endemic species from birds and reptiles to nudibranchs and shells. Shawn specializes in creating motion in still photographs, fluorescence photography, environmental awareness and the protection of endangered species.

Shawn is a long-term resident of Okinawa, whose purpose of achievement drives him to get that once in a lifetime photograph of never before seen animal behavior.

His work has been featured in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, and Blue Planet ll. He is best known for his powerful project “Crabs with Beach trash Homes”

Sinezona milleri and Hemilienardia shawnmilleri are species named after the wildlife photographer and naturalist Shawn Miller for his continued support in malacological research.

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“Stella 2000是我使用过的最耐用的灯。这是连续光源,所以它不会惊吓到我的拍摄目标。我带着它,投入到位于冲绳北部、严酷潮湿的丛林里探险。”

~ Shawn Miller, 野生动物摄影师与博物学家