Mauricio Handler



Mauricio Handler is a professional marine photojournalist, natural history filmmaker and expedition leader who was for many years part of the premier underwater photography team at National Geographic Magazine.

His company Aquaterrafilms produces Ultra High Definition content for stock, documentaries and commercial use.

Mauricio’s images and Ultra High Def 4k footage are represented worldwide exclusively by National Geographic Creative,Getty Images and Footageseach.

“对市面上已有灯具的选择,经过多年搜索和测试,在发现Sola系列之后我终于确定下来。我一直喜欢手持式灯光。它们在某种程度上重新定义了我拍摄静止和超高清动态影像的工作模式。” ~ Mauricio Handler, 电影摄影师、摄影师、探险队队长

Photo credit: Maurcio Handler, AquaTerraFilms