Guru Khalsa


Campfire Creative

Raised in Carmel, Ca., Guru Khalsa constantly aspires to the next level of visual communication and aesthetics. His drive to create imagery that demands a second look and evokes an emotional response from the viewer has led him on an international journey. After graduating with honors from the Academy of Art University in 2006 Guru has done photography and video work for Google, Microsoft, President Obama, Sony, Nike, the California Academy of Sciences, Cirque Du Soleil, Nokia, Make-A-Wish Foundation, London Financial Times, Turner, SF Chronicle, Juxtapose, Walking Tree Travel, the Singularity Summit, Nasa Ames, Layar, Exposure, and Clif Bar.


Creating imagery in over 12 different countries and throughout the US, from Hawaii to New York, Guru is well versed in all things travel, from various cultures to extreme climates. This path has led him to co-found the San Francisco and London based production company Campfire Creative. Focusing on visual storytelling through photography and film with the motto that anything worth doing is worth documenting, Campfire is innovating ways for individuals and fortune 500 companies to share their stories with the world.

“自从我拥有了Stella 1000,它和我一起到处旅行——它很精巧,使用电池供电,时刻为我的每个采访和肖像拍摄做好准备。它们超级轻量,可装入我们的工具包,紧凑简单,行动方便。

~ Guru Khalsa, 摄影师及纪录片制作人