Greg Gibson

A wedding, portrait and event photographer


Greg Gibson is a wedding, portrait and event photographer in the Washington, DC area. Prior to that he was a veteran photojournalist working for some of the largest news organizations in the world. Greg earned a share of two Pulitzer Prizes during his tenure as a staff photographer at the Associated Press in Washington, DC. One for his work on the 1992 Presidential Campaign and another in 1999 for coverage of the Presidential Impeachment/Monica Lewinsky scandal. Greg was an early pioneer in digital photography and claims the first news magazine cover ever recorded with a digital camera in October 1992. As a wedding photographer, Greg has been named one of the Top 10 Photographers in the World by American Photo Magazine and Washington, DC’s Best Wedding Photojournalist by Washingtonian Magazine.

Greg is a big fan of fast lenses and continuous light sources. The power and quality of the Stella Pro Lights system is a perfect match for his style of photography. As a Sony shooter, he finds the continuous light provided by Stella Pro Lights to be the absolute best solution for mirrorless camera photographers.