Carmaine Means

National news photojournalist/cinematographer

Carmaine Means is a national news photojournalist/cinematographer. Her career has taken her all of this country. From the beautifully architectural urban landscapes of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco to the quaint and charming scenic places like Jenner, CA, Charleston, SC, and McAllen, TX. She started on a professional journey in the field of journalism 18 years ago. He career started in Rockford, IL at an ABC affiliate and has taken her all the way to CBS Network News and most recently Warner Media News Division, CNN I/S (Image & Sound) and CNN Air (drone) departments.

“I believe that lighting your scene is one of the fundamental components of cinematography. Lighting is so important that a DP skilled in the craft and art of lighting a scene can shoot better with a far less expensive camera than a less skilled lighter can with the very best equipment. This is true for both live action and CG cinematography.”