Brian Callaway

CallawayGable 婚礼目的地摄影师,世界十强摄影师

CallawayGable Weddings

Callaway Gable has consistently been ranked as one of the best Los Angeles wedding photographers for the past ten years. Starting with the prestigious and industry-leading Fearless Photographers Directory, Brian, Allison and Lauren have been voted into the top 3 Los Angeles spots for over 6 years. We have been on the coveted Junebug Weddings Los Angeles Best of the Best List for 7 years. Recently our team was named in the Top 100 Wedding Photographers by SLR Lounge, specifically recognized for our brand of emotional photojournalism.

“没有其他的连续光能够拥有这些特性:便携,重量轻,电池寿命长。Brian Callaway验证这些特性,它们真的非常耐用,承受外力冲击,掉落在水泥地板上也不需担心!

~ Brian Callaway, CallawayGable 婚礼摄影